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List of registered players footballgolf in WFGA

This page contains a list of members registered under WFGA. If you want to become a member of footballgolf association, you have to registered using this form

Actual year: 2022

Player name/WFGA ID
Player name Gender Country Membership WFGA ID  
Fyhn Soren Man Esbjerg O MDK-10852 Details
Garnitschnig Christian Man Launsdorf MAT-13987 Details
Gassert Daniel Man Schwetzingen MDE-08755 Details
Gröner Joshua Man Weikersheim MDE-01345 Details
Gustavsson Micael Man MSE-15115 Details
Hájek Jan Man Příbram MCZ-07210 Details
Hámori Ferenc Man Budapest MHU-13451 Details
Hámori Renáta Woman FHU-13449 Details
Hartmann Jürgen Man Köstendorf MAT-14515 Details
Havelt Markus Man Dortmund MDE-00740 Details
Hellwig Pavel Man Mladá Boleslav MDE-00990 Details
Herčík Roman Man Úvaly MCZ-01162 Details
Herr Heinen Kai Man Viersen MDE-10485 Details
Hillebrand Dominik Man Launsdorf MAT-13988 Details
Hillebrand Sandra Woman Launsdorf FAT-13975 Details
Hilprecht Jens Man Berlin MDE-00268 Details
Hoffmann Andreas Man MDE-00795 Details
Hoffmann Andreas J Man Ludwigshafen MDE-00192 Details
Hoffmann Kaja-Marie Woman FDE-01240 Details
Hoffmann Ole Man Detmold MDE-14792 Details
Count players with membership: 155
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The mission of the WFGA is to connect people through Footballgolf, an exciting combination of Football & Golf. The WFGA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting, developing and organizing Footballgolf worldwide.

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