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Governance guidelines

Governance guidelines

1. Mission

Connect people through Footballgolf, an exciting combination of Football & Golf.

2. Mission statement

The WFGA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting, developing and organising Footballgolf across the world.

3. Principles

• Neutrality
The WFGA shall prevent any discrimination against a country or individuals for reasons of race, gender, religion or politics.

• Voluntary service
The board and the different councils work on a voluntary base.

• Transparency
The Governance guidelines as well as the strategic plans incl. goals & objectives of the Organisation will be available on the official Website of the WFGA.
Strategic and operational plan reviews, Board performance evaluations and financials statements will be reported at the General Assembly.

• Conflict of interest
Directors on the Board are volunteers, and often have other roles (paid and volunteer), which may include sitting on the Board of other private or public organisations & associations. It is very important to identify any conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest may arise if a Director is considered to be in a position where they (or another organisation they represent) may personally gain from a decision authorised by the Board. In this case, the concerned Director should be excluded from the voting procedure of the topic that may generate a conflict of interest.

4. Structure

It is critical that all organisations in a sport work together.

The WFGA is the official organisation administrating Footballgolf worldwide.

Board directors are considered the ‘governors’ of the sporting organisation. The members are the ‘owners’.

Objectives, purpose and strategic directions should be aligned with the National Federations.

The WFGA will ensure that the values of the sport and the fair play spirit are delivered consistently across countries through National Federations, Clubs or Associations

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the WFGA. An Ordinary General Assembly shall be held, every two years.

The General Assembly shall be announced by the Board at latest 90 full days in advance. The agenda of the General Assembly shall be sent to the members at latest 30 full days in advance.

Directors do not vote at general meetings.

The Board or a 1/3 of the members can claim the summoning of an Extraordinary General Assembly. The Extraordinary General Assembly shall be held within 90 full days since the service of the claim. The procedure shall be equal to the one of the Ordinary General Assembly.



The executive body of the WFGA is the Board.

The Board has a minimum of five directors, elected by the members at the General Assembly for a period of 2 years.

The number of Directors on the board should reflect the size and activity of the Organisation.

The Directors should be chosen for their skills (for example, legal, finance, marketing and sponsorship or sport specific) and not because of the region, association or club they represent.

The Board will elect a President and a vice-President.

The President is commonly considered the leader of the organisation but it is the Board that leads, not one individual. The President’s role is to lead the Board by chairing meetings, being the main spokesperson for the organisation and providing support to the other Directors. The other Directors of the Board are entitled to represent the Organisation whenever needed.

Decisions are taken by majority; in case of evenness the President´s vote will be decisive.

Sub committees, working groups and/or councils mandated by the Board to work on specific issues will provide the Board with reports.

National Federations

Members of the WFGA are the national Federations of Footballgolf.

To become an official national federation, the applicant should fulfill the requirements defined in the Membership Application Form. There will be one official Federation per country: The membership can be resigned by the WFGA Board if the National Federation is not anymore fulfilling the requirements or not acting in accordance with the Governance Guidelines and/or Statutes of the WFGA.

Clubs & Associations

Ideally, clubs & associations should be members of the National Federations.

Clubs and associations are the drivers of the development of the sport and should be represented in the National Federations.

5. Strategic Plan

The Board will issue a two-year strategic plan with clear and measurable targets.

The plan details the organisation’s goals and objectives. The strategic plan should be developed in consultation with members and key stakeholders in the sport. The plan should also include key performance indicators, which will be how the organisation measures its success.

The strategic plan will be reviewed every year.

Feedback on the performance against the key performance indicators should be included in the report of the General Assembly.

6. Work plan

A work plan is developed for the board each year.

The annual work plan for the board should include any major activities such as the annual tournaments, budget approvals, strategic and operational plan reviews and Board performance evaluations.

7. Revenues

The revenues of the WFGA consist of:

  • membership fees
  • duties
  • sanction fees
  • subventions, sponsorship, donations, gifts, legacies
  • returns of trade and other agreements.

8. Financial report

The financial year starts at January 1st and ends December 31st.

A financial report of the Organisation will be issued at the beginning of each year and should include following reporting from the previous year:

  • profit and loss statement
  • cash flow statement
  • report regarding material variances from budget
  • listing of all major outstanding debtors and creditors
  • bank reconciliation (including bank account evidences).

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The mission of the WFGA is to connect people through Footballgolf, an exciting combination of Football & Golf. The WFGA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting, developing and organizing Footballgolf worldwide.

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