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List of registered players footballgolf in WFGA

This page contains a list of members registered under WFGA. If you want to become a member of footballgolf association, you have to registered using this form

Actual year: 2022

Player name/WFGA ID
Player name Gender Country Membership WFGA ID  
Aagaard Louise Woman FDK-01512 Details Renew
Adén Emma Woman FSE-01218 Details Renew
Agin Sukriye Woman FSE-01530 Details Renew
Ágnes Bölcsföldi Woman FHU-07789 Details
Ahonen Mikko Man MFI-01349 Details Renew
Achtnichts Dieter Man MDE-00276 Details Renew
Ajalin Juha Man MFI-01244 Details Renew
Alenbring Alexander Man MSE-01228 Details Renew
Alenbring Peter Man MSE-01216 Details Renew
Alexsandro A Man MIT-01400 Details Renew
Alminde Britta Woman FDK-00005 Details Renew
Althoff Andreas Man MDE-00754 Details Renew
Althoff Mario Man MDE-01058 Details Renew
Althoff Maurice Man MDE-01277 Details Renew
Althoff Tobias Man MDE-01132 Details Renew
Andersen Bjorn Steffen Man MDK-00033 Details Renew
Andersen Brolagger Anders Man MDK-00917 Details Renew
Andersen Johnny Man MDK-00056 Details Renew
Andersen Julie Woman FDK-01337 Details Renew
Andersen Ole Theo. Man MDK-00672 Details Renew
Count players with membership: 855
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The mission of the WFGA is to connect people through Footballgolf, an exciting combination of Football & Golf. The WFGA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting, developing and organizing Footballgolf worldwide.

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