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List of registered players footballgolf in WFGA

This page contains a list of members registered under WFGA. If you want to become a member of footballgolf association, you have to registered using this form

Actual year: 2023

Player name/WFGA ID
Player name Gender Country Membership WFGA ID  
Brezničan František Man Považská Bystrica MSK-14029 Details
Broberg Felix Man MSE-14605 Details
Buchs Dieter Man Seebach MDE-01322 Details
Caruana Andreea Woman Brout-Vernet FFR-14283 Details
Caruana Cédric Man Brout-Vernet MFR-01383 Details
Caruana Célia Woman Brout-Vernet FFR-14285 Details
Caruana Cyril Man MFR-01566 Details
Clavaud Guillaume Man Riom MFR-01384 Details
Clavaud Maël Man RIOM MFR-14300 Details
Csaba Csőre Man Budapest MHU-08134 Details
Csontos Mónika Woman Városföld FHU-14424 Details
Cupák Tomáš Man Rumburk MCZ-01029 Details
Cyprián Tomáš Man Liberec MCZ-11621 Details
Cziraki Csaba Man budapest MHU-08007 Details
Čermáková Lucia Woman Láb FSK-06681 Details
Darmos Endre Man MHU-15285 Details
Darmos Fanni Woman FHU-15284 Details
Daugaard Hansen Hans Arne Man Ulfborg MDK-00066 Details
Dobešová Lenka Woman Praha FCZ-01007 Details
Dodeuil William Man PEROLS MFR-15254 Details
Count players with membership: 187
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The mission of the WFGA is to connect people through Footballgolf, an exciting combination of Football & Golf. The WFGA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting, developing and organizing Footballgolf worldwide.

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