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5/12/2022 Tournament administration

To make the administration of the tournaments easier and to minimize mistakes, we kindly ask you to please log in to your WFGA account on gScore before you register for a tournament.

5/6/2022 Austrian Open 2022 - Time schedule

Time schedule for the Austrian Open 2022 is now available!

3/14/2022 Tour 2022 - Tournament registrations opened!

Tour 2022 Now all tournaments are open for registration!

11/24/2021 WFGA Tour 2022 released!

Time to take out your calendars and book the dates for the WFGA Tour 2022!


The WFGA Tour encompasses international tournaments in several countries and enables players to win points for the official WFGA ranking.

If you like to play Footballgolf, join our community and share our passion with players from all around the world!

WFGA ranking Men

1 Hansen Michael 457.44
2 Bollerup Anders 398.88
3 Lonberg Larsen Jens 362.09
4 Sir Hansen Ronnie 308.00
5 Kober Alex 249.46

WFGA Ranking Women

1 Nordgren Pernilla 328.49
2 Kristiansen Tanja 251.85
3 Kober Maja 237.00
4 Rolli Laura 225.00
5 Mayer Sandra 187.57

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The mission of the WFGA is to connect people through Footballgolf, an exciting combination of Football & Golf. The WFGA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting, developing and organizing Footballgolf worldwide.

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