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Dear Players.

gScore has made it possible to have a “Player Card” that has a number of nice features that is of interest to the players and WFGA.

As of now all players are automatically registered as a WFGA Player every year. But in the future a player will have to tick a few boxes and register as a WFGA Player for the season. A registered WFGA Player will have access to use the features of a “Player Card” during that season.

This has a very small price that the players will have to pay in the future, but this year we decided that the WFGA will pay for everyone who choses to download the card. We will use this year as a test period to see if people will find the card useful and how well it works.

To download your player card, you have to reactivate your WFGA player registration first. You can do that here:

Enter your gScore ID (Find your gScore ID on your player profile), choose WFGA, and cost 0.

When reactivation is done, the download instructions will come to you by email, or you can download the player card in your gScore profile after login.

The “Player Card” is stored in the app “Yourwallet” that you can download on your phone.

Please remember to insert a profile picture on your profile!

We hope you will welcome this with a positiv mind.

Your Board

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