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Dear Players.
This evening the WFGA board and the Czech host agreed that the World Championship cannot be cancelled! πŸ˜‰

So, it is with great pleasure and joy from our footballgolf hearts, that we invite you to the World Championship 2021 in Rumburk from July 23-25. πŸ˜βš½β›³
Registration for all WFGA tournaments will open up shortly. πŸ•“

It is a hard decision on weather or not to have a world championship at this moment, and no matter what we decide someone will not agree with the decision. We can only promise you, that we will do our best to make sure that all players can feel safe at the World Championship and know that the needed measures will be taken to insure this. πŸ‘βœ”

If the Covid situation in Europe would change drastically for the worse, we would of course have to reconsider the decision, but for now we would just like to say:
Welcome back to the WFGA Tour, we hope to see you all healthy and ready to play 😊

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