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Dear players, 

due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the German Open and Austrian Open have been postponed.

The Tour 2021 is thus starting at the end of May, we hope that this will enable an exciting, safe and fair competition.

Thanks for your understanding!

You will find hereafter the full calendar that includes a new date for the Slovak Open.

We look forward seeing you!

Your Board


28-30.05     Stage 1     Austrian Open / Salzburg

11-13.06     Stage 2     Slovak Open / Horne Mladonice

02-04.07     Stage 3     Swedish Open / Alunda 

23-25.07     Stage 4     World Championship / Rumburk, Czech Rep.

13-15.08     Stage 5     Hungarian Open / Lakitelek

17-19.09     Stage 6     Danish Open / Skejby

01-03.10     Stage 7     Spanish Open / Macanet

15-17.10     Stage 8     German Open / Ortenau



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1/15/2021 Pernilla Nordgren has been elected President of the WFGA!

12/20/2020 WFGA General Assembly elects new Board!

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