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General Assembly elects new Board

The General Assembly of 2020 was held online at Dec. 12 with participants from 7 countries. Even if 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, with the Covid -19 and the cancellation of all tournaments, we are happy to see you all again and to start up 2021!

We would like to thank everyone that joined in for the assembly to make it a success. Even if there were no tournaments this year, there have been work going on with three strategic goals, Improve the WFGA tour, promote and develop the sport and to organize the sport.

There is work going on with the rules, to simplify for new players but also to complete the existing rules and adapt them to how we play. The rules will be finished before the first tournament of 2021.

There is also a new member to our family, we like to welcome France, where we hope to see the first tournament in 2022.

During the Assembly a new board was elected:

Pernilla Nordgren

Anders Bollerup

Stefan Moritz

Tomas Neumann and

Stephan Stiens

We would like to thank Hans-Arne Daugaard and Robert Kabina for their work and commitment in the last 2 years and congratulate the persons in the new board.

We also would like to recognise all the volunteers, federations, owners and staff for this year.

And a special thanks goes to Angelee Robinson, Anders Bollerup and Reinhard Pick for their work on rule adjustments.

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