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Dear Footballgolfers of the World,

We have decided to cancel the 3 remaining WFGA tournaments of the season,

· Hungarian Open
· Bent Sandfeld Charity Open
· Spanish Open.

The reasons for this decision are multiple:

• The COVID-19 crisis and the risks it involves for the health of players and organizers.

• The fairness we want to keep as some players might not be able to play.

• The tournament congestion that has occurred in the agenda as national federations have postponed all their tournament activities to the second half of the year.

By cancelling the 3 tournaments, we prevent the risk of cross-border infection and ensure that nobody gets a ranking points disadvantage because of non-participation. It also frees up some dates for the national federations to ease completion of their agenda and organize successful tournaments. National competitions without border crossing are safer to organize. Together with the national federations, we are convinced that the main focus should be at these tournaments in this difficult and challenging year.

The players registered for the WFGA 2020 tournaments will be reimbursed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hoping, fingers crossed, that we will get safe through the pandemic and able to organize safe tournaments next year, we have worked together with the Course owners/Federations on an agenda for 2021. We will return with the 2021 tour calendar as soon as possible.

Until then, take care of yourself and your families.

Football Kicking Regards -The Board

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