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Vestfyns Fodboldgolf (Ebberup) was this year’s venue for the Danish Open. 90 competitors from

Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Denmark took part in the battle of Denmark. The Nordic winds blew, and it added another level of difficulty to the competition.


Detmold Dynamite double delivers

The tournament started with the doubles competition on Friday. A strong German double consisting of Bier/Schmitz showed strength and endurance throughout the 3 rounds of footballgolf. Actually Oliver Bier made a spectacular condor on the long hole 10, an achievement that saw him collect a special prize at the ceremony. The Detmold Dynamite double won with a few kicks margin ahead of the Danish double S.B.Knudsen/J.L.Larsen. The third place was decided after a play-off between the Danish/Swedish double of R.Hansen/A.Alenbring and the Danish double A.Bollerup/H.Daugaard. Lady luck favoured Bollerup and Daugaard as they took the Bronze. It was a very close play-off indeed, and in the future of this sport the name of Alexander Alenbring will for sure be “one to watch”.


Stisen and Hermansen wins in style

The women’s double tournament was dominated by Stisen/Hermansen (DK) and they ended up winning with a very clear margin of 27 kicks. The fight for silver and bronze was a more even contest, and after 3 rounds it ended up in a play-off between the doubles of B.Alminde/C.Vangsgaard (DK) and J.Hansen/L.Aagaard. Britta and Camilla went on to claim the silver, leaving the bronze medals for Jeanette and Louise.


Steffen Bjorn wins convincingly

The Mens single competition was won in style by a very well playing Steffen Bjorn. He played very consistent throughout, and could play it safe in the end winning with a 5 kick margin to Michael Hansen and Bo Kristiansen. Michael and Bo were tied in the end, and yet again a play-off was needed. In most play-offs you would think that, birdie/eagle/birdie should do the trick. Unfortunately for Bo, Michael played a birdie/albatross/birdie play-off and took the silver. The top 15 was heavy dominated by the Danes and the best placed foreign player was Germanys Marcel Liedtke in 15th. Place.


Tanja takes the title

The Women’s competition was a more even and tight title chase. Coming to the final day a group of 5-6 players were all in contention for winning the title. In the end Tanja (DK) and Julia (S) ended up tied for 1. place and guess what? A play-off was needed yet again. The Danish Tornado Tanja was in the end too strong for the hard fighting swede, and claimed the Gold medal. The bronze went to Mette Stisen, as she took yet another medal at the tournament.


Jack “Attack” and Ben “Bend it like Beckham” shows huge potential

The two Detmold darlings Jack Oliver and Ben Bödecker showed their true potential and these guys can play footballgolf on a very high level already. If they keep their development on track, they are destined for great things that is for sure. They played the first 3 rounds with the Men, but on the final round they played a two-man Junior final flight. It was very exciting and actually only two kicks separated the boys before the last round. Jack did in the end beat Ben to the title, but both young guns should be very proud of their achievements. The future looks very bright indeed.


We would like to say thanks to Bo Andersen and his crew at the course, their hospitality and great service were highly appreciated. Thanks to all the players that travelled from near and far, and made it a great tournament both on and off the course. Till next time, have a nice summer everybody.


Football kicking regards


The WFGA Board

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