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Address Praha 10000
Country Czech Republic
Phone -- not filled --
Mobile -- not filled --
E-mail tomanijj@seznam.cz
Web -- not filled --
Club type Parent playground Founder Club founding date Number of members
Footballgolf FotbalPark Pavlíkov PROFI Toman Jan 21.04.2017 13

Member list

Toman Jan Statenice
Czech Republic
Neumann Tomáš Horoměřice
Czech Republic
Mareš Zbyněk Praha 4
Czech Republic
Pleštil Martin Praha
Czech Republic
Luňák David Paseky nad Jizerou
Czech Republic
Pleštil Martin ml. Praha 9
Czech Republic

Tomanová Jitka Statenice
Czech Republic
Toman Jan ml. Statenice
Czech Republic
Tomanová Kateřina Statenice
Czech Republic
Tomanová Marjánka Statenice
Czech Republic
Luzum Josef Kladno
Czech Republic
Mičuda Libor Paseky nad Jizerou
Czech Republic

Mestek Otakar Praha
Czech Republic

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