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Players, friends and supporters of football golf!
After Corona stopped us from organizing tournaments in 2020, it was finally possible to see you all and play football golf again.
Even if we had to cancel some tournaments and postpone the start of the season, we managed to play six tournaments!
Corona, the cancellations and postponed tournaments, did not make the work in the board easy, and the expectations the board had of itself, and other board members could not always be fulfilled. As a result of this dissatisfaction, there were several voluntary departures from the Board which were difficult to replace. At this point, we would like to thank all those who have sacrificed their time and a lot of work in the Board this year, under difficult circumstances for your work!
We played six tournaments during this season, starting with the World Championship in the Czech Republic.
With 269 confirmed players, this was the biggest tournament held so far.
The results are known, and it is worth mentioning that for the first time the +55 women's and men's categories were played in this tournament. And it was all in all well received. Discussions about the model of execution will certainly continue.
The Hungarian Open was also played for the first time and was a great success. We hope that even more international players will find their way to Hungary next year.
For the Danish, German and Austrian Open we hope that the year 2022 will allow better conditions for participation in tournaments. There were unfortunate overlaps with national tournaments that had to be postponed due to corona and caused a drop in number of players. This can also be because there were a lot of tournaments at the end of the season.
The Spanish Open was, as always, one of the highlights of the year, where everyone had a lot of fun. We already look forward to playing and celebrating here again next year.
Some of you may have noticed that we, together with the hosts of tournaments, have called for donations from the respective region at some of the tournaments. We will continue to do so, and on behalf of the hosts and the beneficiary organisations, we would like to THANK YOU all for the amazingly generous donations!
As the year is not quite over, there is still some work for us to do.
First and foremost, we are preparing, full steam ahead for the 2022 tour. We are still hoping for a few applications by 20.11.2021!
Please also indicate who would like to organise, for example, the Nations Cup or the match play tournament.
One more news we had this year was the player card. During the tournaments we noticed that many people did not know which advantages and possibilities the card offers, e.g. quickly creating training rounds, direct link to your score card with the code already filled in, links to register for tournaments, displaying start times and so on. Have a look at it and find out the possibilities it offers.
In addition, we will be contacting the WFGA members entitled to vote and propose an extraordinary General assembly. Since the last official elections, there have been a lot of changes of members in the board, due to which the WFGA urgently needed help at short notice.
So we need to discuss whether the current board wants to continue working and if the board members are confirmed by the voters, or whether a new board is to be elected.
Are you interested in joining the board, please send us an application before November 22:nd at info@worldfootballgolf.com
Apart from that, all that remains for us is to thank all the hosts, players, and friends of football golf for their always fair treatment of each other in the tournament and beyond.
Take care, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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