Gludsted Fodboldgolf is back as a host. We look forward to see you in Denmark!

Last day of registration 19. august

Event Registrations Results Winners
Men's Doubles Main Event 27 registered 25 results SECHER JENSEN, Simon / LUND, Daniel
Men's Singles Main Event 51 registered 50 results BOLLERUP, Anders
Women's Doubles Main Event 5 registered 4 results BALSGAARD, Marianne / BJERKE, Ane
Women's Singles Main Event 9 registered 9 results HANSEN, Jeanette
  • Detailed tournament schedule, day by day and hour by hour.

  • Remember to be on time! Players are responsible for finding out their starting times.

  • Look at the list and recap the winners through the years of the Danish Open.

  • Use this page to plan your tournament trip. Map to destination and more.

  • We will make a deal with a camping-area in the small village. More info follows!Contact...

  • Awarded WFGA World Ranking points are shown in the following table.

From season 2016 you will need a WFGA ID to register to tournaments. If you have ever played a tournament, you should already have an ID. It can be found on your profile page.
World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 945.25
2. SANDFELD, Bent 861.50
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 575.50
4. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 510.75
5. STADLER, Marinus 496.25

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