Matchplay mode:
You play versus another player, counting each hole by itself.
On hole nr.1 player X needs 2 shots and player Y need 3 shots = player X gets 1 point.
Both players need same shots = 0 points.
Player with most points after 9 holes wins the match and gets 3 points.
Draw will earn 1 point.
Like in soccer there will be a group stage, in which each player will have to play vs all group members. After all matches the players on rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 of each group will enter the final stage.
The final stage will be played as a cup similar to the final rounds of 16 teams in the Soccer World Cup.
Dont be afraid, we will have a big group stage, so that everyone plays at least 6 matches.
112 players, 16 groups, 7 players per group = 6 matches.
Depending on the WFGA-ranking, player 1 and 2 will be placed in the 16 groups, the others will be set via draw to have almost same strength in all groups.
Set up for men: 64 by ranking, 12 wildcards, 52 places for people who registrate and pay first at the homepage.
Set up for women: 16 by ranking, 4 wildcards, 12 places for people who registrate and pay first at the homepage.

Soccerpark Detmold has 27 holes, so everyone will play matches on the front nine, middle and back nine decided via draw.
Group stage will be 9 holes matchplay. From round of only 16 remaining players it will be 18 holes matchplay.
If players having same points after the group stage, the winner of the match against each other will go on. From round of 16 players remaining there will be a play-off over 3 holes to decide the winner.

Bronze Status WFGA-Ranking points:
possible positions 1,2,3,4,5, 9,17,33 will be given points
All participants will have free training on thursday included, group stage on friday and saturday.
Best 64 players will play final stage on sunday.
Optional doubles on sunday afternoon for players that did not reach the final stage. Total costs for participation is 40€.
Registration deadline 5th June 2016!
The amount of players is capped to 112 men and 32 women!
Rules and Fairplay: There will be a updated rules section on the WFGA homepage soon, every player is responsible to read, understand and to abide!

From season 2016 you will need a WFGA ID to register to tournaments. If you have ever played a tournament, you should already have an ID. It can be found on your profile page.
Next Upcoming Tournament Event
Finnish Open 2018
Uppgårds Fotisgolf, Kimito Island, FINLAND
Aug 10 - Aug 12 (Fri - Sun)
World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 815.75
2. SANDFELD, Bent 765.25
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 608.50
4. STADLER, Marinus 579.75
5. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 467.00

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