Czech Open 2018
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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Czech Open 2018

Top Class Show by Reinova and Hansen

Czech Open 2018: Top class show by Reinova and Hansen


The 4th edition of the Czech Open was the most popular tournament so far: 128 players from 7 countries travelled to beautiful Rumburk. 20 women and 108 men aimed for the biggest cup the footballgolf community has ever seen.

In the doubles category 53 men doubles and 7 women doubles started their competition on the first tournament day. In the end Anders Bollerup and Markus Thurlin were too strong for the following 2 Danish doubles. A long time Peter Vibaek and Serdar Ugur competed very hard with the Swedish/Danish combination, but after a good start they slided down to an amazing 3rd position (after playoff against Fitos/Stjerne Jensen). The silver medal took the Danish double Mikkel Grove and Hans Arne Daugaard Hansen with the 2nd best round on the profi course.

 In the women’s doubles competition, it was not that exciting: Kristiansen and Laursen have won with a lead of 10 kicks after 2 rounds. Ranked on 2nd position the local players Reinova and Beniskova did a great job as well. To complete the podium Chytrova / Hanouskova won the bronze medal.

New day, new competition: The singles started on saturday and it was the day of the Michala Reinova and Michael Hansen. Both exceeded all other players in their category. After playing the best 2nd round on profi course Michael Hansen had a lead of 4 kicks to the 2nd position. Michala Reinova did even better: With the best tournament round on the profi course she justified her role of being the favourite and ended up with a lead of 8 kicks.

On the following day all ladies tried to overtake Reinova (11th position in the world ranking) but no one became dangerous for her. After 4 rounds she reached an impressive win, 12 kicks (total score +3) in front of the silver medalist Tanja Kristiansen from Denmark, who played the best tournament round on the fun course (total score +15). Bronze medalist is Lenka Hanouskova from Czech Republic with a total score of +23. It`s her first trophy in her first WFGA tournament!

Maybe now you expect an exciting story about the men’s competition and the fight for the gold medal, but Michael Hansen was too concentrated, too confident and too good for all the others. In the end he won the most impressive cup with a total score of -37, 13 kicks in front of “The Sandman” Bent Sandfeld, who is 2nd ranked in WFGA-ranking. Bent played two amazing rounds of -14 on the fun course. To prevent a complete Danish podium Roman Stepanek did his best and ended on 3rd position (total score -23) only 1 kick behind the silver medalist.

In the +45 category Hans Niedermeier and Christian Bödeker shared the win (total score -15). Peter Rolli completed the podium with his best WFGA-result so far. Best lady over 45 was Jana Bernasova.

We say thank you to all the players and especially to the team of Fotbal Park Dymnik for hosting a very special and nice tournament.

See you all in Sweden!

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World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 968.00
2. SANDFELD, Bent 909.00
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 538.25
4. STADLER, Marinus 491.00
5. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 483.50

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